Free autumn and winter knit/crochet patterns for 18″ dolls – various

At some point starting each (rare) blog post with “Sorry I haven’t posted in x months/years/decades” just begins to smack of disingenuousness, so I’ll spare you the experience. The days seem to fly past, and my doll hobby is one of the first things neglected when things get busy.

That said, I’ve seen some nice (free) crochet and knit patterns for 18 inch dolls zoom past on Pinterest (follow my board here), so I thought I’d share some of the nicer ones I haven’t featured before. I’m a southern hemispherian, so my northern friends will probably find these patterns aren’t seasonal, but there’s always next winter!

I try to credit each pattern, but if I miss one or misattribute one, please let me know by commenting x.

Note: If a pattern directs to a site and not a pdf, just open the link and once on the page, press Ctrl and P together to bring up the “print screen” in Chrome. Print directly or choose “Print to pdf” to save the pattern in a more accessible way.


A pretty matching sweater, hat, glove and scarf set by Robin Lynn over on Ravelry. Download here (pdf).


Feminine and funky from Redheart: a wrap, beret and purse set with floral embellishments, perfect for autumn. Download here (pdf).

Cataddict on Ravelry has two free patterns for sandals and a nice little purse on her profile; go here and scroll down to see the instructions.


A versatile crochet tank top, perfect to wear under jackets, from Kimations Design. Visit the site for pattern instructions.


Keep your dearest doll’s noggin warm with a pretty beret. This one is by Mango Tree Crafts. Visit the site to see the pattern.


This beautiful ensemble my Brome Fields is available on their website. It includes the hat, poncho, sweater and pants.


Perhaps a bit nautical for winter, but in autumn these two fun patterns can be easily adapted for colder climates. Pattern from ABC Knitting Patterns; visit the site to see it.


Also from ABC Knitting, mittens and other winter accessories for your 18″ dolls. See here.


A cute ensemble from Darski. See the pattern here.


A bit hot for South African summers, this “summer” set from Caroline Hewgler might just be right for our (almost non-existent!) autumn. Visit her site to see the pattern.


Have all the outfits and no shoes? Don’t worry, Cobbler’s Cabin has a cosy set of boots for your doll’s chilly toes. Give the site a visit for the pattern.


Another autumn-time pattern: Kristin Rettig’s beautiful set, which includes a skirt, a hat and a knit, short-sleeved sweater. Download the pattern here (pdf).


This flared sweater from Janet Longaphie is a sure winner for winter. The pattern is available on Ravelry; click to download (pdf).


Another one from Janet: a hoodie for 18″ dolls. Click to download (pdf).


A gorgeous knit dress just waiting to be paired with a nice sweater or bolero. Pattern from ABC Knitting.


And finally, a cute ruffled skirt from Susan Seffknit. Download here (pdf).

Happy creating!

Lee x

All patterns and photos are (c) their respective creators. No copyright infringement intended.

Free autumn-themed patterns for 18″ dolls

I know, it’s been ages and ages since I’ve posted something! But I didn’t want the change of season (autumn here in South Africa) to go by unmarked, so I thought I’d hunt down some freebie doll patterns for cooler weather!


Here’s a cute granny square-inspired poncho from Maggie’s Crochet. Visit her site to see it.


Looking to knit a matching poncho for a child and a doll? Try Pattern Paradise’s matching set.


This light shrug from Create Bella Create is lovely (and an easy crochet if you’re not a complete noob like I am).


ABC Knitting Patterns has a nice two-piece crochet outfit that’s perfect for cooler (but not cold) days.


I absolute adore this outfit from Red Heart: a coat, hat, wrist warmers and a dog! This ensemble is ready to jump in mud puddles and have a lot of fun!


What would autumn be without a dramatic cape? What indeed! Check out this medieval cape.



Free pattern: Knitted jumper for 18″ dolls


Take a look at this cute knitted jumper/dungarees from ABC Knitting. The pattern is available on Elaine’s website for free. Alternatively, subscribe to her mailing list here to receive the pattern as a pdf (3mb).


Free pattern: “Molly’s Pretty Clothes” sewing pattern for 18″ dolls

American Girl’s Molly McIntire hails from the World War II era and her “Pretty Clothes” collection is quite interesting. It features two dresses, underwear, pajamas and a “slicker”, or raincoat with matching hat. To download this pattern, click here (zipped .pdf, 16mb).

Molly’s is the last of the “Pretty Clothes” collection; to see the others, scroll back on this blog or click over to AG Playthings.

Pattern by the Pleasant Company. Curated by AG Playthings.

Pattern: Samantha’s “Pretty Clothes” sewing pattern bundle (18″ dolls)

Pattern by the Pleasant Company. Source: AG Playthings. 

American Girl Doll Samantha Parkington hails from the Edwardian era and this pattern bundle includes a lot of pretty frills and ribbon details and some other novel items like a circlet, hat and matching muff (for cold days!) and gaiters (worn around the ankle and over the shoe). Download the pattern by clicking here (zipped pdf, 15mb).

Pattern: sewing pattern for “Felicity’s Pretty Clothes”

Felicity Merriman is an American Girl Doll modelled after the Revolutionary War period. Her “Pretty clothes” includes two full outfits, underwear, a nightshirt and several “caps” (kappies). To download this pattern, click here (zipped .pdf, 16mb).

Pattern by the Pleasant Company. Curated by AG Playthings.

“Daphne” coat and beret for Abigail!

Last week I posted a knitting pattern for a lovely ensemble: jacket with matching beret, dress and pantees. One of Abigail’s grannies knitted up the jacket and beret for her, and I thought I’d post a few pictures I took over the weekend :).


Pattern: sewing pattern for “Addy’s Pretty Clothes”

Addy Walker is an American Girl Doll from the Civil War era. Her “Pretty Clothes” collection includes a three-piece school ensemble, a dress, a winter coat with interesting scarf detail, a nightgown and a “kerchief” bundle. To download these patterns, click here (zipped pdf, 13mb). 

Pattern from the Pleasant Company. Curated by AG Playthings.

Patterns: knit cardigan and pullover patterns for 18″ dolls


Good morning! I came across these two free knitted patterns from Cynthia Berrier and DollsWest Designs. The first is for a very pretty button-up cardigan. You can download it directly from Cynthia by clicking here (.pdf, less than 1mb).

The second is a very funky pullover (vest), ideal for the hot/cold weather we’re experiencing this spring! Download this pattern by clicking here (.pdf, less than 1mb).

She also has a bunch of other free and for-sale knitting patterns for a range of dolls, so be sure to check out her website.

Happy knitting!

Pattern: sewing pattern for vintage gym suit (18″ dolls), via Wren*Feathers

Free vintage gym suit pattern for 18″ dolls, and a reminder to do something good for someone else! Click on “View/read original post” to see the pattern.


Exercise is a great mood-booster even if you’re not depressed/anxious.  In addition to last week’s tips, getting someone out of the house for a brisk walk can be SO helpful.  Yes, even if they’re trudging along behind you muttering, “I said I wanted to stay home.  I want to go home.  I can’t do this.”


Continuing in the vein of vintage patterns, this week’s is a mid-century gym suit.  Doing a quick google search, it seems something similar to these one-piece uniforms were the norm for quite a while, from maybe the late 1940s through at least the mid-1960s, when my mom was in high school. This blue color seems to have been regulation in most of the country, with obligatory embroidery of your name on it.  Anyone live during the era of these gym suits and want to share “fond memories” (I say that in the most sarcastic tone possible) or info about…

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